Data was last updated 3/26/2019


The statewide cyclical reassessment began July 1, 2014 for the 2015-pay-2016 property taxes. Instead of the reassessment being conducted over a 20-month timeframe, it will now be spread over a four-year period. Approximately 25% of the parcels in each county will be reassessed each year. During statewide reassessments, county and township assessors physically inspect each property to ensure that records are correct. Parcels included in the first phase of the four year process were notified last year.

Taxpayers whose parcels were included in the fourth phase will receive a Form 11 as their initial notice of assessment. Forms were mailed on July 11th. Those receiving notices will have until August 27, 2018 to appeal their assessments. Tax bills will serve as the initial notice of assessment for the remaining 75% of parcels; that appeal deadline will be 45 days from the bills’ last mail date.

The lists below display parcels that have been reviewed during the first, second, third, and fourth phases of the State mandated reassessment. You can click on either of the links below and view or download the file to see if your parcel(s) has been reviewed during these phases.

18p19 Form 11 Mail List.xlsx

17p18 Form 11 Mail List.xlsx

16p17 Form 11 Mail List.xlsx

15p16 Form 11 Mail List.xlsx