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Welcome to the Madison County Assessment Data Search site. We are proud to offer this service at no cost to our constituents. The information accessible through this site is being made available to enhance the access of assessment data and to provide links to other relevant sites. A summary of the information available through this site is as follows:

  • Property Location
  • Ownership
  • Owner History
  • Sales Information
  • Assessed Values and Value History
  • Land Information
  • Improvement Information
  • Sketch Images
  • Photo Images

Our purpose is to serve the people of Madison County with integrity and impartiality.

If the transfer date reads 3/1/09, this actually reflects the date of a software conversion and not the actual transfer date of property ownership.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Madison County Assessor's office is to administer our duties in a manner that assures public confidence in our accuracy, productivity, and fairness while ensuring all property subject to taxation is valued in a timely manner and in accordance with Indiana State Law. My office staff will treat everyone with respect compassion and dignity. We will always be guided by principals of fairness and honesty. Delivering excellence in public service is our goal.

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For tax information, please contact the County Treasurer's Office at (765) 641-9645
and for exemption information, please contact the County Auditor's Office at (765) 641-9419

With the exception of sales data, which will be updated monthly, the Information that is available on this website will be updated yearly, corresponding with the Indiana Assessor code calendar January 1st to January 1st of every year.